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Vancouver Life Coaching Services


Vancouver, BC is a very fascinating city. People from all walks of life have chosen the greater Vancouver area as their home, making it the third most populated area in Canada. It is easy to see why; the colorful mix of cultures, along with its great coastal location, make it an extremely attractive West Coast area.






















Camilla Joubert, life coach, has made Vancouver her home. Here, she wants to help Vancouver residents to realize their dreams, overcome obstacles and create the future, they envision.


Focusing on assisting people with their midlife journey, or midlife crisis, as it is more commonly called, she wants to empower them to make those changes that are needed to get out of a rut, to free themselves from the past or to overcome loss.






















The middle years of one’s life are often neglected and a period of great transition. As a Vancouver lifestyle coach, Camilla can assist her clients to focus on a positive future and a balanced life, free of the burdens of the past. The fantastic thing about life style coaching is that the solution to the clients’ problems lies within themselves. Camilla coaches you in a way that you will uncover those hidden truths yourself.


Unlike therapy, coaching intends to move clients towards the future they envision, rather than discuss and dwell in the past. It is a solution focused approach to dealing with personal problems.


Vancouver residents who feel stuck, at a loss in their lives, or just discontent, should contact Camilla today. Life coaching, even though it might be a less well-known approach than therapy or counseling, has many benefits as Camilla’s many raving clients will tell you. The transformation, her clients undergo during her coaching sessions, transcend into every facet of their lives.


Camilla came to coaching after being faced with her own midlife crisis, or midlife journey, as she prefers to call it. Through her compassion, patience and insight she is one of the top life coaches in the Vancouver area.

She services the greater Vancouver area, as well as the rest of Canada and the USA.  


If you feel stuck, unhappy and afraid to dream, contact Camilla today at +1-778-883-8595 to schedule a coaching session and to experience how life coaching can assist you in shedding old habits and finding your inner happiness.


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