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Unravelling - Women in Midlife

The book and stories in Unravelling exposes women’s experiences with many taboo subjects including divorce, extra-marital affairs, grief, abuse, careers, and mental illness.


Inspired by her own midlife “unravelling,” Joubert aims to connect women going through similar experiences and help them feel less alone.

“There are still not many stories out on the market that make women feel okay about themselves, especially in midlife” she says. Joubert hopes the diversity of the stories shared in Unravelling will inspire and empower women to embrace their own unique experiences in midlife.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Camilla Joubert is a business woman and professional Lifestyle Coach who specializes in women who are transitioning through major changes in their lives. She lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her family.

Tellwell Publishing Inc.

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