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Toronto Lifestyle Coaching


Toronto is a city full of life, culture and history. It is also the most populous city in Canada.

Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, it has a beautifully unique location in South Ontario. Its motto: Diversity our Strength, refers to the combined strength of its seven municipalities. Toronto has so much to offer from long strolls at Lake Ontario, to fine dining venues and the Royal Ontario Museum, are just some of the things you can do during your leisure time.


But life in Toronto can also be stressfull. Its residents are dealing with stress at work, and in their personal lives as well. Life is demanding, and sometimes it is hard to find a balance. Life coaching can help you to navigate through difficult times in your life.






















Camilla Joubert is a lifestyle coach out of passion and compassion. Having faced personal struggles in her midlife journey as well; she draws from her own experience to help others during this demanding and oftentimes confusing time.


She focuses on helping Toronto clients who are facing their “midlife crisis”, or are suffering from empty nest syndrome, once their children have moved out and on. During this time, people experience a time of loss and confusion, because your life is shaken up, changed forever, and this is a change nobody has prepared you for. A life coach can help you to move into a happy and meaningful future and to feel empowered rather than lost.

Many Toronto clients feel that when the kids move out, they are losing their identity. After years of caring for and nurturing of their offspring, life now changes dramatically. Midlife journey challenges are often brought on by dramatic change or loss such as loss of income, health, loved ones and more.


Camilla wants to assist you during your coaching sessions to be able to move towards a meaningful future. She will assist you in envisioning a future you always wanted and focus on achieving this goal. Contrary to therapy and counseling, life coaching does not focus on the past and where you come from, but rather on the future and where you want to arrive at.


If you live in Toronto and feel stuck in your life, with lack of perspective and the feeling of unhappiness just becomes too much, call Toronto life coach Camilla Joubert today. Her no-nonsense, yet compassionate and warm approach to lifestyle coaching will help you to refocus and to move in a direction that is right for you. You have the answers in you, let Camilla assist you to uncover them during your life coaching sessions.


For more  information or to schedule a session contact Camilla today at +1-778-883-8595 or email her at


Lifestyle Coach Camilla Joubert for Toronto
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