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I wish there was a Magic Button...Big Life Questions with Professional Life Coach and kids.

My son, when he was about 17 asked me a question about how I felt when I was his age "were you ever overwhelmed about what being an adult was like?" I pondered for a minute or two wondering what I was supposed to say that would be impactful and wise (and reassuring)! And, then I told him the truth, that when I was younger I thought there was a magical button that would make me all "grown up". That being an adult was something different from the blissful, naivety and innocence of childhood. This afternoon my 23yr old daughter texted me "Adulting is hard mumma, life is so mundane sometimes".

As I reflect from this stage in my (mid) life, I'm so very grateful to be all that I am, with all my failings and all my learned wisdom. That every day I'm still growing up, that how I choose to balance and respond to the chaos and the mundane of life is the gift of being an adult. And, that the entire journey up till now is the learning.

There is no magical button, life is going to throw some massive whammies my way and sometimes I cope and other times I don't feel as if I am. Sometimes, life is incredibly boring and "mundane" and other times it is chaotic and dramatic. How quickly I recover from incidences, or creative lulls is the work I do. The coaching, the psychology, the books I read and the people I choose to be around. Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean I know or understand everything.

Certainly a few history "trials and errors" help make the future road a little smoother (sometimes), but life wouldn't be very interesting if there were no bumps in the road to teach me the kindnesses, compassion and forgiveness - mostly of myself.

Camilla Joubert

Life | Style Coach

NLP Practitioner

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