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Chasing Perfection

Are you sabotaging yourself from achieving success in your life because you're too busy chasing perfection?

We can all be victims of "it is not quite right, good enough, could be better, should be better..." And there are definitely times when settling for less than what you want is not satisfying and in fact might lead you to feel bad about giving up too easily on your dream idea/relationship/job/project...

Do you know the difference between when you are setting yourself up for the impossible and what is real and possible?

  • To avoid feeling deflated, overwhelmed and depressed about not achieving your ideal life, try these simple steps to break the task down into do-able!

  • Ensure you are setting achievable expectations for yourself with small goals along the way so you know you're getting closer to your ultimate goal.

  • Define your ideal outcome of your journey to success realizing that most of the work is done along the way to get there and that you are making progress.

  • Document your achievements and plan what you'd like to achieve next.

  • Celebrate the achievements.

  • Be compassionate and kind to yourself.

Camilla Joubert


West Vancouver, BC, Canada

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