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When We Stop Needing, We Grow.

Unattached wanting and needing is exceptionally difficult to learn and the greatest gift of freedom when practiced and mastered. Take away the "need" and quite beautifully, the pressure on yourself or another vanishes. The need for understanding, the desire to know, to have clarity, to need a relationship, conversation... and the list goes on. Sometimes this very need is the undoing of your growth. What does acceptance look like? Feel like? Sound like? What do you want it to be? You get to choose by letting go the neediness. Set yourself free. Grow by not needing to know the answer to everything you don't fully understand!

How do you accept, you may ask?

By noticing that you will not or cannot know the answer to everything. To accept something means you also cannot attach to the outcome. If you need it to be a certain way then you will disappoint yourself when the conversation or event doesn't turn out the way you had intended.

Placing an intention of a healthy outcome is good, however if you expect the outcome to be one you wanted to work only for you, you will be let down.

This is not about lowering your expectations. You can still keep your expectations by ensuring they are healthily in line with your choices and not unrealistic.

Camilla Joubert

Life Coach

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