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Close the Chapter – How to Move Forward in a Healthy Way.

Have you ever wanted to move through a certain part of your life that you feel is stuck?

Start with giving yourself permission. Permission to contemplate a change, to imagine a different - more optimistic future.

You hold the power and intention to turn the page, finish the chapter and close the book.

When you finally see, feel and know the truth of any given situation (job/relationship etc.), when you give yourself space to contemplate and assess - you can move ahead, with no regret – with the assured knowledge that you've done the very best that you can and it's time to truly let go.

The analogy of turning a page, finishing a chapter and finally closing a book, are the stages that can apply to your own life. You are in control of how fast you go through each stage. Empowering yourself comes from making that first decision to act, however small it might be. Each time you complete a stage, it takes you towards a bigger accomplishment. Micro achievements are what build your self esteem and help you believe in yourself and your ability to keep moving forward.

It's important to move through each stage with awareness, understanding and mindfulness. Your heart and trusted instinct always "knows" the truth. It is your brilliant messaging system. It informs you of truth. And, when you choose to notice this messaging system and tap into it, you will know the exact right time to act on a decision.

Many people feel they “should” always finish reading something they started and consider themselves as literary non-quitters. But often the information is neither of interest nor relevant to how your life needs to function. What’s the point of forcing yourself to deal with something day in and out that you cannot connect with and that doesn't fill you up positively. What would make you carry on reading a book that you weren't getting anything out of? You don’t need to be stuck in a chapter of your life that hinders your progress.

There are exciting times ahead so start embracing your future. Give yourself permission to close off the past, empower yourself and move on.

Camilla Joubert


West Vancouver, BC, Canada


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