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Making It through to Happy

Making it through to happy

I never thought I would make it through those first six weeks of being a mother to a wriggling human being - those early days were so overwhelming that I could not fathom that in six to eight weeks my newborn would be at a different stage and, so would I. I remember my breasts were so swollen, I could have given Dolly Parton a complex! My dad popped round with "cold raw cabbage" - I looked at it and laughed and then cried. It worked - those cold cabbage leaves (to relieve pain on my then enormous breasts). The thing is, when we are thick within life transition/transformation work, we cannot see the end. We are almost overwhelmed with dealing with the present and looking into the future can be hard.

Just surviving each day can be an achievement. We do the internal work - almost automatically - without knowing or fully understanding what we are doing. And without noticing that we are actually growing. The emotional and physical discomforts are felt more than the joys.

And to stretch the analogy of the newborn - the work is not rewarded until that little human being finally smiles at about six to seven weeks. The small reward for sleepless nights and nappy changing.

Life reached a new milestone and you forgot to notice you got through the hard stuff. You got through it. Getting through the thick of it is certainly uncomfortable. We know this. Persevere. It's the doing that moves us forward. Taking a small step towards what you think you desire. I think partly why it is difficult to know we are moving forward is because it's often not a tangible step - it's an internal feeling. It doesn't mean it's not happening. And this is my realization. It's slow and annoying and we create all sorts of doubt that we won't achieve that elusive "value"... Happiness. But, (and I try not to use "buts" anymore) amazingly you will achieve it.

Like the Nike ad we all so love:JUST DO IT. One day I woke up and realized, I did it. I made it through to happy.

Trust the process

Camilla Joubert


West Vancouver, BC, Canada


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