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The Only Thing Standing between You and Success Is YOU.

If you knew you could not fail, what would you attempt? What if you did fail…what’s the worst that could happen to you? A great way to overcome the fear of failure is to briefly give into the fear and play out the worst outcome, then switch gears and imagine the very best possible outcome. What message does the worst outcome scenario (feeling foolish or what others might say) give you that could be used as a positive intention towards helping you succeed? By confronting your fears you can then have a conversation with yourself on how to best understand and overcome your fears. Fear loses power when we engage in conversation with ourselves. Seeking all the time for the solution focused answers.

I remember being terrified to take my oral exam for my coaching certification. What if I failed and embarrassed myself? - What got me through was the idea that if I was to fail, it meant there was more for me to learn and so it wasn’t a failure but a learning opportunity. Nobody was judging me, the examiners were just preparing me to be ready and capable for coaching. I passed, by the way, and the relief was enormous, because we can’t but help a little fear and anxiety. And, science has proved that this isn’t such a bad thing anyway.

An exercise, that I use now, is to create a circle with all the desired outcomes of what success means to me for that moment. It could be that I am preparing for a meeting and I want to go a certain way. If I set my written intention of success in the circle, I capture what I want. On the outside I can write down the fears I have around the meeting. I find generally I start with the outside and move to the inside. It’s amazing how I find more positive emotional descriptors to feel successful than the negative ones to fail.

Set your intention. Face your worst fears and ask yourself how real the fears are should they come true. If they did, what could you do now that you know what they might be.

Focus on the outcome you want and allow that to bubble to the surface. To make it stronger, you can even visualize the outcome as if in a movie, add sound and inner dialogue…allow yourself to feel it in your body and enjoy it.

Written by:

Camilla Joubert


West Vancouver, BC, Canada

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