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5 Tips on how I survived my Midlife Unravelling Journey

5 Tips on how I survived my “Midlife Unravelling” Journey

There is no “right way” to get through any emotional difficulty. These are some ideas that helped me get out of my head and in touch with my creative self, which had long been buried. I still do a lot of these things to stay BALANCED.

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  • CREATIVE ART classes ­– there’s something so yummy about getting really messy with paint. I love walloping paint and creating swirls of colour and form in expressive manners to reflect my mood.

  • JOURNALLING – it still amazes me how beneficial this is. I don’t do it that much, in fact I seem to have only journalled when I was at my worst stages in life. What I love are the lessons I learn looking back through my writing and realize that I’m repeating old patterns and moving towards living the lessons! Pattern recognition & Ahhha moments!

  • EXERCISING outdoors­ – biking /running or walking in the forest, beaches or natural landscapes are wonderful places for me to SLOW down my brain and just hear my breath. Notice the sounds; see the beauty (and I mean stopping occasionally to take it in!), and hearing my inner voice.

  • TALKING – knowing who I can tell my inner feelings and stories to is crucial to feeling safe and also allows me to be vulnerable. This helps me understand the thoughts going around my head as I speak them aloud and am not judged or criticized.

  • MEDITATION and YOGA – Connecting with all of Me: heart, mind, body. The mindfulness of paying attention to myself. What messages are important to notice? Literally this is about more than s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g!

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