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Calgary Life Coaching Services


Calgary became famous when it hosted the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, as the first Canadian City to do so. Since then, almost everybody has heard of the unique Alberta city. However, the real cause for Calgary’s rapid growth can be ascribed to the oil boom that started in the mid 1900s. Today, Calgary is a modern town with museums, higher education facilities and an exciting nightlife, but its western heritage still holds strong. The “Calgary Stampede” the impressive rodeo held in July, speaks testimony of Calgary’s roots.






















Calgary and its residents are always looking to move forward and to improve. Camilla Joubert, life coach, understands that life is demanding and not always easy. Transitions are especially challenging phases in our lives. While we are excited to move from our teenage years into adulthood, it is quite a bit different to accept moving on when you are in the middle of your life .


Calgary residents who feel lost, face midlife crisis, or just consider themselves to be stuck in a life they don’t really recognize anymore, will benefit tremendously from life coaching sessions with Camilla. She coaches her clients with compassion and understanding, enabling them to find the answers they are looking for within themselves. Her goal is that  through her Calgary life coaching services she will assist her clients to move into a future they desire, and to leave a past, that weighs them down behind.


Life Coaching is not to be confused with therapy or counseling. While counseling oftentimes puts emphasis  on the past , lifestyle coaching looks to the future and strives to move away from the past.

Maybe you want to refocus your life, because it feels off, or you are dealing with a loss of some kind, be it healthwise, a loss of a person, a job, or your children moving on and out, life coaching can help you through this stage of your life.


If you are a Calgary resident who wants to learn to dream again and feel empowered and in charge of your own life. Contact Calgary lifestyle coach Camilla Joubert today at +1-778-883-8595  or send her an email at  to learn more about how she can help you to move to a more fulfilling and happier future self.


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