Camilla Joubert

I value a life of being, practical, direct and honest, my joy and well-being comes from balance and connection and living
my values in congruence. 
I have learned to listen carefully to my clients' deep inner truths and feelings and together we develop a culture of trust. My goal is to inspire clients to take those steps towards taking back their power in their midlife journey. We devalue our potential and limit ourselves by restricting our beliefs.

Time to change that story!

I became interested in lifestyle coaching and NLP after writing and collating a volume of short stories about women’s experiences through midlife trials and tribulations. My book was aptly named Unravelling. I realized the power of solution-focused coaching during my own unravelling and crisis and was inspired to help other women in challenging times.


I grew up as one of five children in South Africa and in my teens we immigrated to Canada. I choose to live a very active life British Columbia, Canada.


I love a good book and to curl up in front of the fire with family and watch dramatic action movies. I'm an avid skier, hiker, practice yoga and would hop on a plane at a moment’s notice for an adventure. I cherish all things beautiful in nature. I loathed school for academic reasons, since I thought of myself as a slow processor, now I love to learn no matter how slow I am and I don't put parameters on my abilities! I'm a chatterbox who delights in social occasions and I am energized by conversations with new and old friends. I get bored easily and find new challenges keep my world exciting. I am always fascinated by change and my constant learning in this life.




B.A. Art History

Erickson Professional Coach

NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


Erickson Professional Life Coach

"My coaching experience with Camilla has been powerful. At first I was not sure how it could help but was ready to try something new and went in with an open mind. The experience has made a lasting and positive impact on how I conduct my life and approach thought patterns or actions that were impeding my overall happiness. I had 10 sessions with her and am very grateful for the experience and outcome. "

  Roxanne, Whistler

"I felt a new sense of freedom, excitement and positive energy which I could go forward with to create the next phase of my life. It felt like Camilla was able to unlock a part of me, that I realized, I had the key to all the time, I just didn’t know it. The resources she had at her fingertips were never-ending, no matter what situation came up. "                                               

  Lynn Spark, Whistler

"Camilla is an articulate, clear headed and focussed coach. She is passionate for the best in me and finds a way of expressing the issues so that my choices are evident and easy for me to address. I love working with her!"

Carl Emerson, Switzerland